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Keeping Chickens, Rabbits and Guinea pigs

People usually acquire different types of keepers for their little animals where as there are different issues involved in it. Rabbits and guinea pigs are delicate than hens. They require more protection and cleaning. Chicken coops are for sale in different sizes and styles that can be kept easily anywhere in the garden. They are made of water proof material and net is installed with complete finish that never harms the little creatures kept inside. They also help keeping the eggs safe. The nests are removable and you can approach every side of the chicken coop easily. Smaller sized coop can easily carry three to four hens where as guinea pigs and rabbits are smaller they can be almost five easily. The bottom tray is removable that you can easily clean and place back. The roof lid is also lift able. It is easy to keep in the less space. You can also keep other different types of birds in it because fine mesh wire is used that is very thin and provide protection.

You can acquire a bigger nest for your little pets. This house has the capacity of three to six hens that can live conveniently inside. It is made with fine wire outside and water proof wood inside. The security door is attached with it that provides you complete ease for cleaning and examining the chicken coop. These chicken coop kits are stylishly designed. They can be kept anywhere. The bottom is kept open that allows free gazing. You can place it in the grass or in soil where they are allowed to scratch. Inside living area boxes are placed where as you can also get separate nests to place inside if you are keeping guinea pigs.

Portable nest

Another chicken coop kit style is available for this purpose that is portable. It has wheels with which you can move it easily anywhere. They are mostly used by the people who have small living space and a little garden attached with it. This chicken coop is very attractive and it adds beauty to the grassy area. You do not need to sit beside the coop because it makes you little animals a little more independent. It is open from the bottom and allows free gazing. They can do scratching as well. This type of chicken coop is for sale especially for the rabbits and guinea pigs. It has handles for easy moving. Due to the open bottom rabbits and guinea pigs love to live inside. It has lift able roof which you can easily use to examine your animals. You can also take care of the eggs. You can add portable nests according to your requirement. It has a capacity to keep four to six hens easily where as some people use it for the ducks. They require more space and wire wrapped nests can be places for their storage.

For larger capacity free range coops are used because they have space for almost ten hens. You can keep rabbits and guinea pigs together as well. It is open from the bottom and provides more area for the gazing and exploring soils. It has almost seven inches ramp that can be used for running and moving inside and outside the nest. This type of coop is surely loved by the little animals because it gives them more space and flexibility to move.